Learn, How to complete
1 task in 2 minutes with 3 simple steps & Get Paid

In this video, you will learn how to give a proper review for any company.
No gimic, Simple and geniune task based project for limited time.

Only intereted people should apply

How to complete the task


Step #1

Get the details

In this step, you need to contact us through Whatsapp and ask for task details. You will recieve the review link and sample comment. Remember, task link and comment will be valid for only 24 hours, so you need to complete the task within 24 hours. In case it is expired then ask the link again.


Step #2

Complete the task

In this step, you need to copy the sample comment and click on the review link. It will open the review page, you need to give 5 star ratings and paste the copied sample comment and submit to complete the task. You can see your task in the reviews section then take a screenshot of your review.


Step #3

Get paid

In this step, you need to share your review screenshot to our support team. Also you share UPI/Phone pe/Google pay or account details to recieve the payment. our team will verify the task and send you payment immediately. Sometime, verification process may take 1 to 3 working days.

This is a sample task


Frequently asked question

Q. We don't the company, can you give more details about it?

We are a Digital Marketing Agency and helping healthcare businesses to get more attention. This companies are old and geniunie. 

Q. How soon we can expect the payment?

After completing the task, you need to share the task screenshot and UPI/Phone pe/Google pay or account details to recieve the payment. We will verify and pay you within 24 hours.

Q. Can I do multiple review and get paid in one account?

Yes, You can use multiple email to to the task and also with your friends and family phone. But it should be old and geniune email account. Spaming are not allowed.

Q. What if we do not recieve the payment?

You can reachout to our support team or wait up to 3 working days to complete the verification process. If you do not recieve the payment in 3 days then you can delete the task.


Only intereted people should apply

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